Stephanie Brown, LCSW provides psychotherapy to help children, teens, and adults from diverse backgrounds reach their personal goals and lead more satisfying lives. In working with a broad range of clients, Stephanie has developed an understanding and appreciation for each individual’s unique strengths and natural resiliency. Stephanie is dedicated to working with her clients at her practice in Fairfax, Virginia.

In addition to psychotherapy, Stephanie also provides parenting support and guidance, educational support with schools and IEP development, community-based referrals, and advocacy for equitable access to programs and services. She welcomes consultations with other professionals to help facilitate growth and resolution to clinical issues.

Her areas of expertise include affective disorders, such as depression and other mood disorders, anxiety disorders, learning disorders, behavioral issues, impulse control, emotional disturbances, self-esteem, identity issues, stress management, trauma, relationship issues and coping with adjustments and life transitions.

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